Dicas para a procura de emprego em tempo de COVID-19

Tips for adapting your job search post COVID-19

The world of job-hunting is no different. As some lockdowns begin to ease and we look forward to the period after COVID-19, here are six short tips to help you adapt your job search to fit the changing world of work.

Be open-minded about the kind of roles you’re interested in

Whilst the COVID-19 crisis has stopped many companies from hiring altogether, others (e.g. online retail services, courier/mail delivery services, supermarkets and pharmacies) need additional support to meet increased demand as a direct result of it. Staying open-minded about the kind of role you’re interested in will mean you’re far more likely to find something that suits you.

Develop your online presence

With social distancing rules still in place in many countries, very few face-to-face interviews and networking opportunities are currently taking place, and we may continue to see more work being done remotely post COVID-19, too. As a result, a strong and professional online presence is crucial. Updating your professional profiles on LinkedIn and other social media with relevant work experience, skills and qualifications will ensure that recruiters have the best chance of identifying you for a role. Building on this, ensure that any of your personal accounts are protected by the appropriate privacy settings.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought major change to our lives. Changes to the way we work, exercise, eat, travel, shop – even the way we socialise with one another (Zoom meet-up, anyone?).Picture

Use a range of websites and listings

Don’t keep relying on the same websites and listings in your job search, particularly if it is proving unsuccessful. Using multiple channels and a wide range of sites will help make sure you’re applying to every role that could be relevant to you. Most job-hunting sites allow you to search for jobs by location, salary, keywords and working hours.

Practice video interviews

With in-person contact being minimised and increasing numbers of remote positions becoming available, there is a good chance that your job search will involve a video interview. Practicing this with a family member or friend beforehand will help you to avoid embarrassing mishaps that you may not have anticipated. Are your microphone and headphones working and your laptop fully charged, for example? Is your internet connection stable and secure? Are there significant speech delays? Remember to dress professionally, speak directly to the camera, and choose a quiet, well-lit environment to make the best possible impression.

Make a video resume

Uploading a video resume to your social media channels (particularly LinkedIn) is a great way of standing out from the crowd and giving employers a taste of your personality, as well as your skillset. Consider the kinds of questions you are likely to be asked during an interview and make a short video answering some of them. The same rules apply here as for video interviews: dress professionally, speak directly to the camera, and choose a quiet, well-lit environment.

Boost your skills

There are many online courses, certifications and qualifications available, and self-isolation could provide you with the perfect opportunity to undertake one. Perhaps you’ve noticed a particular skill requirement in a lot of job advertisements that you feel it would be beneficial to have? Treating your job search like a full-time role and working to actively develop your professional skillset will likely make the process quicker, as well as demonstrating your commitment and motivation to employers.

We hope these tips will help you to conquer the post-COVID-19 job market!

In partnership with EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal.

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